Monday, March 7, 2011

This was the final project that I made for the Governor's art show.  I was able to make it through regional judging and then next round of judging is soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Luke Chueh is an artist who tends to show what we believe as cute and cuddly in a more horrific sort of self mutilation scenario.  In a way his style of art is similar to my big idea because it portrays things not by what they look like but by something that is underneath the surface.

Monday, January 31, 2011

And Just One More Time, Assignment 2

Due to the one factor that causes many teenagers to do stupid things, acceptance in my opinion is the number one killer of teenagers.  This is due to the fact that to "fit it" one must become intoxicated at local parties then proceed to show off and end up harming themselves.  Acceptance is more important to High Schoolers then having a roof over their head.  They tend to get caught up in the dramam and fashion and "cool" things going on in society that they forget to just be themselves and become minions to popular trends.  Also, associated with the people that do not party constantly is usually the word alone, when in reality, it is the people that party nonstop who are truly alone because they make their friends out of trends not out of characteristics.

Yet Again, Assignment 2

Taking Risks
Although many people may hint at drugs and alcohol being cool, it is ultimately your choice.  The choice that you must make is possibly one of the toughest decisions of your life. The choice of whether or not to take the risk of not being cool or not drinking and doing drugs which in itself is not cool.  Both choices can haev their own risks involved such as being made fun of for not drinking or if you do drink the risk is doing something dangerous that could harm yourself or others.

Still Assignment 2 dawg

Friendship is something that you can not just scratch the surface at.  You must be able to look deeper.  Many people assume things just based on looks but by this drawing it shows that these two unlikely people to be friends by looks yet their true self (shadow) is identical to one another's.

Assignment 2 brotha

This is an image based on a nerd with a shadow of Zeus.  The shadow is supposed to show who the nerd truly is and just because he looks one way doesn't mean that that is who he truly is on the inside.  One could look weak but in fact be the strongest person in the world.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Assignment 1 doggonit!

A.  Big Idea: Who people truly are
Topics: Dressed different then how they act, look nice but really mean, preppy but a huge drug addict

B.  How do I do this?
How do different stereotypes "act"?
How do people become "accepted"?

C.  Who People Truly are is about character
Who People Truly are is about lies
Who People Truly are is about image
Who People Truly are is about acceptance
Who People Truly are is about perseverance
Who People Truly are is about friendship
Who People Truly are is about everything
Who People Truly are is about being yourself
Who People Truly are is about taking risks
Who People Truly are is about the truth